4-way nickel-plated thermostat adaptable valve for two-pipe systems. With presetting. Built-in lockshield valve. Connection for copper or plastic pipe. O-ring sealed straight tailpiece, complete with flow separation probe. ABS handwheel. Differential pressure (item 148): 1.5 bar. Kvn coefficient with 2K proportional band : - DN 1/2” = 0.58 - DN 3/4” = 0.62. Compatible with thermostatic actuators series 148, 148A and electrothermic actuators 22CX and 26LC.
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Type Part no. WII Part no. WID DN Kvs
120B 120B12AM12 10001674 1/2"M x1/2"M 0,82
120B 120B12AM34 10001675 1/2"M х 3/4"M 0,93