KH Ball valve set brass body 1” with union nut and gaskets

Ball valve set brass body 1”, with union nut and gaskets. Product 10022871 is nickel plated.
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Type Part no. WII Part no. WID Description Size
KH 10007137 10007137 HKV2010-MS, HKV2013-MS 1”UN x 1”F
KH 10022871 10022871 HKV2010-VA, HKV2013-VA 1”UN x 1”F, Ni
KH 10022872 10022872 HKV2010-VA, HKV2013-VA 1”UN x 3/4”F, Ni
KH 10007141 10007141 HKV2010-MS, HKV2013-MS 1”UN x 3/4”F
HKV 2013A  1¼"
1¼" UN × 1" F