Ready-to-mount, compact control unit ISOTHERM for warm-floor regulation

Ready-to-mount, compact control unit for panel heatings with a maximum heat capacity demand up to 15 kW. Flat-sealing installation on the left or right side of the manifold with 1” male thread. Set-point value for supply temperature can be adjusted via thermostatic injection valve. Pump and temperature limiters 30 - 50 °C, cabling ex works. Pressure-tested. Packed in a box.

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Type   Part no. WIDE
30-50 °C  Wilo ParaSCU/6 10084162
ISOTHERM 30-50 °C Grundfos UPM3A/7 10084636
45-60 °C  Wilo ParaSCU/6 10084351
45-60 °C Grundfos UPM3A/7 10084637
ISOTHERM1) 30-50 °C, Wilo Yonos PARA 15/6 10026289
ISOTHERM1) 30-50 °C, Grundfos Alpha2L 15-60 10026288
ISOTHERM1), 2) 30 - 50 °C,  Wilo Star-RS 25/6-3  10023372

1) The product will be discontinued
2) Units with 3-speed pumps are to be sold outside EU only.

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